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The daily doings of the H boys and their mama.

30 September 2009 September 30, 2009

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D came home early with a fever and went straight to bed, Lil G was pooped by 630, so N and I are relaxing. That’s right. To each his own, of course, N prefers to come off the hyper activities of the day with The Polar Express (I don’t care that it’s September, if the lad wants it, a Christmas movie he shall have), while I am catching up on one of my favourite blogs and pondering painting my nails. To go with my new chic even-shorter-than-before ‘do…

I can’t upload any pictures for some reason. A first. All this space!

We leave for Sweden on Sunday and I have yet to crack open a book about it. Or surf the Interweb for information. Any suggestions, my legions of readers? I thought not.


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