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The daily doings of the H boys and their mama.

2 October 2009 October 2, 2009

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Sat outside by the heaters (! it’s already that cold here) at Neni’s on Naschmarkt today and ate my first Ruben sandwich in… years, talked to friend J while it rained. Didn’t get the camera out for any of it. Then randomly had my first video call. Whoop! Got the camera to work and everything, and ended up taking a tour my D&C’s house in Hellay. D is out, Friday is poker night, the kids are down for the count (I write this while pleading silently that this actually is fact for Lil G, who has woken up three times since bedtime, damn you Coke Zero!)

I’ve surfed the web for two hours, discovered new regions of blogging (fashion! handicrafts! more moms blogging!), and am headed for a water bottle of mugicha (drink of champions), a book, and that little sliver of bed that N has left for me. I can’t be bothered to carry him over, D can do that when he returns.


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