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13 November 2009 November 13, 2009

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So for the past month or so, N has had this odd stuff on his knee. See picture below, from mid-October. It looks far worse now, too gross to post here. It obviously itches and is spreading, and our pediatrician took one look at it and said,”I have never seen anything like this before, you must see Dr. Rappersberger, pediatric dermatologist supreme.”

On researching Dr. R, a great story turns up about a little boy, but two weeks old, with what looks like herpes on his foot. Everyone is puzzled. The mother does not have herpes. And the child was just born so how did it contract it? Off they go to Dr. R thinking perhaps it’s something else. Dr. R makes the connection between the boys obvious recent circumcision, the nerve tract which runs from the testicles to the feet, and the mohel who performed the procedure. The mohel who has herpes. The dude’s spittle was the cause. The Jewish community was in an uproar, but man, the diagnosis was correct. The poor little tyke needed years of treatment, but at least it was treatable.

Anyway, Dr. R looked long at N’s knee, says he suspects it’s (long Latin name that I forgot, ending in) nevus. But to be on the safe side, I’m to bring him to the hospital clinic on the morrow, for fungal swabs. Twas a long, arduous trip (the 3rd and the 9th districts are not as close as the appear, especially not with our pram, try and find a lift when you really need one). We hardly waited at all (the benefit of being sent there by the Big Boss himself), when he sweeps into the room followed by six interns. All asking questions. Like Grey’s Anatomy. Except only one of them was remotely attractive, and probably the reason none of the GA characters are dermatological specialists. Hardly a romantic sort of job. So they all ask questions, and then take pictures. Pictures of my little boy’s knee! Luckily my little boy had thought ahead and brought Jerry along, as well as his new fave book, Harold and the Purple Crayon, but he managed to get a few good glares in there. Then they swept out leaving us gaping and rather confused. Run over by a truck of white lab coats.

So we’ll have the results next Wednesday.



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