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15 November 2009 November 15, 2009

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Sigh. Yesterday hailed the opening of two of Vienna’s best (or at least, most famous) Christmas markets, Spittelberg and the one on Rathausplatz. After a morning spent dozing, N was bouncing off the walls so we geared up and headed into the surprisingly mild late autumn (Take the lining out of yer coats and grab sunglasses!). We ran into L and her parents, so we all meandered to the markets together.

























We didn’t see much of the Spittelberg market, but it was charming to walk through, and the smell of Punsch and Glühwein was enough to pass out from.

Rathausplatz was a zoo as we expected, but wouldn’t you know, the carousel was there, as was the train. The kids were fab, only one tantrum was thrown (N of course), and we headed home around 5 pm. Hurray, it’s Christmas time!



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