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What a pair… December 29, 2009

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They can entertain themselves and each other. Sometimes.


28 December 2009 December 28, 2009

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I’m seriously thinking of weaning Lil G. Here’s why:


27 December 2009 December 27, 2009

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D is down with a cold, and after two days inside I had had enough. So I sent them off to find an open pharmacy, and took Noah out to meet Big M and D-Bro, the latter of whom was on a mission to see a certain church hidden in the depths of the Prater. Turns out, it’s not quite as deep in the woods as we thought, but it didn’t matter, no one (but Noah) was properly equipped for icy temperatures anyway… We walked around the Heustadlwasser, then drove to Maria Grün (so cute, if only we were Catholic, D and I could’ve and would’ve married here), and finished it off with some amazing soups and a slice of Sachertorte for Noah at the Altes Jägerhaus.


Special days December 25, 2009

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It was just so much. I’ll never catch up. We had wonderful holidays this year, christmukkah at its absolute finest. On the Eve, we went to Big M’s place for a lovely dinner. The plan was to take family portraits, but wouldn’t you know, neither of the H boys felt like it.

The next morning, I was the first one awake (courtesy of my little chubby alarm clock), so we went downstairs to prep. Noah followed shortly after and opened our gifts as well as those sent my D&D. It was already pretty overwhelming for him, and as I didn’t stick to last year’s plan (opening one gift at a time, staggered at about ten minutes so he can appreciate each individual item) it was over pretty quickly.

D headed into the kitchen to start cooking his roast beef, and the rest of the family came over for luncheon. We cracked crackers, drank wine, listened to music, and opened presents after the meal.

Fabuloso. I’m so sad it’s all over again.

A gallery of impressions…


22 December 2009 December 22, 2009

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He’s mobile! It took Lil G two tries, and off he went. This in combination with scooting all over the floor means there’s no escaping him anymore.


Winter Wonderland December 20, 2009

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It’s arctic. Okay, well, probably about -10°C. But factor in windchill and it’s easily -17°C. Effing cold. I decided we needed to get out anyway, the sun is shining and the forecast says there’ll be a thaw before the holidays, so we grabbed an old toboggan from my mom’s attic and headed to the Christmas Market at the Belvedere, where they played Dean Martin and Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters. D and I partook of some Glühwein, Noah got some hot chocolate, we all ate roasted chestnuts. Then the wind picked up, Noah started screaming, the tram was overfull, people were in a bad mood and we headed home. I have windburn and think it was one of the best afternoons this season.


The tree! The tree!

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I heart the winter holidays. I have no religious affiliation whatsoever, but come November (okay okay, come August), we’ve got Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald on the iTunes, and I am practically waiting on the sidewalk on the day the trees go on sale.

And that’s exactly what I did. Noah and I went to choose the tree, this year it’s a silver fir, and in spite of the snafu regarding my precious ornaments and a horrible, nasty and damp cellar, it turned out beautifully. I heart the tree!