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Special days December 25, 2009

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It was just so much. I’ll never catch up. We had wonderful holidays this year, christmukkah at its absolute finest. On the Eve, we went to Big M’s place for a lovely dinner. The plan was to take family portraits, but wouldn’t you know, neither of the H boys felt like it.

The next morning, I was the first one awake (courtesy of my little chubby alarm clock), so we went downstairs to prep. Noah followed shortly after and opened our gifts as well as those sent my D&D. It was already pretty overwhelming for him, and as I didn’t stick to last year’s plan (opening one gift at a time, staggered at about ten minutes so he can appreciate each individual item) it was over pretty quickly.

D headed into the kitchen to start cooking his roast beef, and the rest of the family came over for luncheon. We cracked crackers, drank wine, listened to music, and opened presents after the meal.

Fabuloso. I’m so sad it’s all over again.

A gallery of impressions…


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