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Mamma’s Day Out January 31, 2010

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Yeah yeah, the kids are sick. Whatever. I had already made plans to meet up with D-Bro for something. What thing. Not really sure, we said we’d wing it. Off I went on Sunday afternoon, we went into the first, so he could show the Blaue Salon at the Hotel Sacher. EUH? Whatwhat? It’s gorgeous! The service is unbelievably slow, but there were free crunchings (wasabi peanuts, oh I love thee), and once they did arrive, our 3 pm cocktails were super.

We got the giggles, paid and left to visit the Thyssen-Bornemisza gallery, walked around, had a blast. Piccies:

Sadly, we were not receptive to all installations, although this one, up in the attic space scared the bejeesus out of us and induced more major giggles…

The highlight of the gallery was definitely the two of us in a room far at the back, harmonising the Smother’s Brothers “Streets of Laredo”. Culture! CULTURE I SAY!
I was home at 630, the kids were still sick, D was upset that I’d been gone so long. I shall do it again next week. Drinks on me!


30 January 2010 January 30, 2010

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As posted, the lads have been sick for a week or so. Last night, Lil G coughed so much that we decided to head for the emergency room in the morning. Bright and early on a snowy Sunday morning, my youngest and I left D and Noah at home and walked around the block to our neighbourhood hospital.

Wow. Nothing as depressing as the waiting room of a children’s hospital, lemme tell you. Compounded somehow by the horrible cheery colours and random large window stickers (the racoon from Pocahontas next to I think part of Felix the Rabbit etc.). Nothing for the kids to play with, it is, after all a hospital with germs. Lots of germs! I’d brought some stuff for Lil G, so we were set, but other parents, whose children were, you know, really really sick, hadn’t thought ahead (can’t blame ’em), so children were not only tired (it was 730 ayem), and sick (see above describing location), but bored. Ack!
After an hour waiting around, they checked the oxygen levels in Lil G’s blood (sufficient, not great),told me he has a bad case of bronchitis, and gave me an inhaler to be used every four hours, this included the warning that we needed to set our alarms to make sure this continued through the night (great, now we have to WAKE HIM UP at night, blergh). The patient was fabulous and in between coughing spells, he flirted, so the doctor assured me it couldn’t be that bad. But we’ll spend a fortune on doctors this week anyhoo.


Smartypants January 29, 2010

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It’s really hard. Being a child. I remember it. I’m not sure why I remember it so well but I do. And what’s really hard? Being smart. Being a smart child sucks. Everyone your age is generally content to do the same things, and you’re not interested. It’s boring. But there’s no feeling of superiority, it just leaves you asking why you feel so left out.
Yesterday’s third and final visit to the child psychologist confirms what we sort of suspected (at least we did when Noah was still an infant and screamed his bloody head off in a way that clearly stated, “WHY CAN’T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ME?!”) that Noah is a smartypants. That playing games for three-year-olds with this three-year-old is like offering him pureed meats – there’s no point and he won’t like it. We’ve been advised to play games with him that are suitable for five year olds. FIVE. And wouldn’t you know it, it totally works. He’s blissfully unaware that the TV is off, that Lil G and I are reading a book that does not contain diggers or steam shovels or even a hat-wearing-cat. He’s sitting next to us putting together a puzzle for adults. 350 pieces. I got it started for him and he finished it off. It took a few days. This is what he ended up with, I shit you not.

There’s a piece missing.


28 January 2010 January 28, 2010

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We had to go out today, doctor’s appointment. I’ll post about that later. Anyway, we were all stoked, finally, air! Keep in mind we’ve been locked indoors since Sunday.
But after walking there in the blistering cold and finding that it’s really hard to climb up stuff wearing snow pants and clunky boots… well, let’s just say we’re still on the road to recovery. Like, at a rest stop somewhere in the desert. The kind where the only toilet is out of order and the soft drinks are warm.


27 January 2010 January 27, 2010

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Ugh, I have never ever experienced anything as stressful and awful as both kids being sick. At the same time. Horrible phlegmy coughs and fevers. This means that we can’t even go outside, though the arctic winds forbid that anyway. Trying to entertain two small people, under the age of four, inside, for going on three days, by myself, and not being allowed caffeine, is… is… well. Next time I’m moving to a hotel.

We’ve gone through the puzzles several times, Play-Doh, books. Everything. I even made a game out of cleaning the playroom. Which was actually genius, because I came across some board games we’ve had tucked away for a while.

Also? I’m having me some EFFING caffeine. Oh, oh, oh, my tasty tasty friend. I have missed thee. (Clever management of product placement, eh? No, I do not get paid for this)


Track Tuesday January 26, 2010

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I’m going to start bringing in theme days. Like Track Tuesdays, where I share some favourites that the boys and I listen to. We listened to this album all summer, and somehow, I find it comforting in winter too…


Rubbadub dub II January 25, 2010

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