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Homeschooling… January 18, 2010

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That’s my new temporary plan. As of today, Noah no longer goes to Kindergarten. It’s been a messy and traumatic experience, the negative aspects of which I fully blame on the owner of the kindergarten. We’ll put everything in writing and will take it to the City to look into it. Be that as it may, I’m looking for other schools and play groups, but it’s a tedious and frustrating process, most places are booked out through the fall. Still, we’re on a few waiting lists, and I have appointments to visit two other kindergartens within the week.
So! Homeschooling a three year old! I don’t know anything about homeschooling except that it seems to happen a lot in the States, not a lot in Great Britain, and not at all in Austria. I ordered a few books (cause that’s something I can do quickstyle), and we’ll see how to proceed.
Tomorrow’s itinerary is a visit to the Haus des Meeres for a lesson in… uhh… science.


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