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Is this home-schooling? January 20, 2010

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D is in London for the rest of the week (which is where I should be dammit!), and as posted earlier, Noah is now home-schooled. So we have three days of excitement planned. Sort of. I had big plans for yesterday, his first day home. And what did we do? It was up to Noah to plan our day.

1. Eat tiny potatoes for breakfast. Mommy needs to make them.
2. Play duplo with Mommy.
3. Read three Dr. Seuss books with Mommy. This was interrupted after Green Eggs and Ham because Lil G needed a nap. When he was down, I came back downstairs.
4. Draw. But only use black crayon.
5. Make paper planes out of drawings.
6. Play-Doh. This he did alone for nearly an hour, destroying four colours. (I was on the phone to D-Bro at one point and said, “And Noah’s making a big mess with Play-Doh” at which Noah turned around and yelled, “Not a mess Mommy, big pancake!” Obviously!)

7. Eat lunch of stir-fried veggies.
8. Watch Green Eggs and Ham on the ‘puter.
9. Finally FINALLY go outside, but only to run errands for an hour.
10. Play Duplo. Alone, for like two hours, while Mommy was on the computer looking for a new Kindergarten.

Lil G accompanied his big brother into all the rooms, and they played beautifully. See the video I posted yesterday!


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  1. Katahrina Says:

    : DDD Moritz hatte seine “Alles Schwarz” Periode letzten Frühling. Alle Ostereier ect. wurden scharz bemalt ….

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