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24 January 2010 January 24, 2010

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Everyone’s in a bad mood, I think it’s cabin fever. So off we go to the park. I’m underdressed, I’m pretty sure Lil G is too, but Noah and D are not, and oh, the fun that can be had at – 8°C with major windchill. We opted for a playground not too far away from home, near the Rathaus, which is currently surrounded by an ice rink. Really pretty. We’re not a skating family though, at least, not yet. Anyway, it was soooo cold.

The playground was empty, and Noah’s enthusiasm unlimited. D was delegated to be the passenger/patient (the truck in the picture was always on its way to or from a hospital).

We stayed for a while and then went to our cafe. You know, the one we always go to. Landtmann! Noah ordered our cakes for us (part of the whole deal), and had a coofee of his own. Milk foam in an espresso cup.


2 Responses to “24 January 2010”

  1. Katahrina Says:

    Oh, so schön von euch zu lesen. Ich hätte dich jetzt fast nicht erkannt auf dem Foto! Und ich glaube , wir haben die Selb Jacke!

    • sarahgwynne Says:

      Du, ich denke, die wenigsten erkennen mich heutezutage. Ich renn die Leute schon halb um, ICH BINS, SARAH!! und es dauert ewig…

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