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Mamma’s Day Out January 31, 2010

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Yeah yeah, the kids are sick. Whatever. I had already made plans to meet up with D-Bro for something. What thing. Not really sure, we said we’d wing it. Off I went on Sunday afternoon, we went into the first, so he could show the Blaue Salon at the Hotel Sacher. EUH? Whatwhat? It’s gorgeous! The service is unbelievably slow, but there were free crunchings (wasabi peanuts, oh I love thee), and once they did arrive, our 3 pm cocktails were super.

We got the giggles, paid and left to visit the Thyssen-Bornemisza gallery, walked around, had a blast. Piccies:

Sadly, we were not receptive to all installations, although this one, up in the attic space scared the bejeesus out of us and induced more major giggles…

The highlight of the gallery was definitely the two of us in a room far at the back, harmonising the Smother’s Brothers “Streets of Laredo”. Culture! CULTURE I SAY!
I was home at 630, the kids were still sick, D was upset that I’d been gone so long. I shall do it again next week. Drinks on me!


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