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26 February 2010 February 26, 2010

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Finally! After trying to schedule this for about a month, we finally made it to the puppet theatre Lilarum on a date with manati-mum and her adorable son M:

I designated today a Life Experience Day. Noah has been at the new KG long enough that I think we’ll reintroduce TGIFs, and do fun things together. If possible without Lil G, for some quality time. Anyway, Big M came to get Lil G and we were running incredibly late, poor little Noah’s legs were pooped by the time we got to the theater. Luckily our seats had been reserved in a theater packed with little kids. I mean packed.
The lights went down and the story began.

Noah held my hand throughout, but absolutely loved it, he was completely mesmerized, and wept when he realised it was over. Though Noah’s German is getting better every day, I wasn’t sure how was going to go. I needn’t have worried. New friend M had been twice already, so he was not only an old pro at this but literally spent the entire performance with his hands clasped together, his neck straining from uncompromisable excitement. We’ll go back again, Noah is already working out the schedule for the next few months.


23 February 2010 February 23, 2010

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Try as I might, it’s impossible to capture how EFFING CUTE THIS CHILD IS.

On the way home from KG this afternoon, pit-stop, and Lil G’s introduction to swings. Wouldn’t you know it, he loves them. And if Lil G can get into it, then Noah sure as shit won’t be bested. Because, until today Noah wouldn’t touch a swing with a ten foot pole. Go figure.

The photo was very overexposed, and in messing around I kind of oversaturated it. I like. Art.


Track Tuesday

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This remains one of my favourite bands and albums. Noah likes the little finger movements I do to it, you know, “Ants Marching”.


22 February 2010 February 22, 2010

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It is actually easier to get Noah to kindergarten on the days that D is abroad. We all get up at about the same time, just before 7am, slowly make our way downstairs to get dressed and eat breakfast, in no particular order, this morning I managed to get a pair of trousers and socks on him, the process was interrupted by a muffin, then we progressed to a shirt, followed by a yoghurt drink and so on and so forth. Lil G sits in the middle of all this and is fed baby bird portions of cupcake.

Another glorious sunny day, so when friend A called and suggested we meet up at Millerpark this afternoon it was a no-brainer. Off we went. Let’s just say, it was a bit muddy.

Two hours spent jumping into muddy puddles and seeing how high they can splash and trying to climb over incredibly muddy hills (N got so dirty because he took a spill half-way down one of said hills). Who knows the secrets these two share. I’m assuming it had something to do with cars.

It got really cold really fast, but rounded off the visit with a twirl. Neither one of them was afraid of falling off anymore, in fact all they yelled was, “Faster! FASTER!”



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People who call their children “little angels”? Annoy the eff out of me.


A perfect day… February 21, 2010

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… begins after the sun is up (this is key).

Noah started playing playmobil at the foot of the bed, whispering to himself, the knights were setting up against the pirates again. Lil G woke up to this sound, wriggled and squeaked with joy – his most favourite Big Brother is here! The love between these two little boys is incredible, and I feel honoured every day to be a part of it.

Noah brought his new fave books over, the Franklin series.

We were given a pile of these when Noah was born (also about twenty Clifford books, but I haven’t got those out yet), and demanded we read them all, even though we read them twice at bedtime. While Franklin was being bossy, went to the museum, had to hurry, and convinced his parents to get him a pet, Lil G played with me.

The sun was shining, a really glorious winter day. Problem is the cave-people. D and Noah would certainly rather hunker down with some movies and books and warm mugs of tea. But about last springtime I realised how wrongwrongwrong this is for me, and since I am the boss, we changed the routine. So I took no prisoners, everyone got dressed and we were out of the house by 930h, on our way to the Prater. The first playground was a bit lacking, loads of mud and slush and muddy slush.

So we made our way across the sea of ice. OMG, how much fun. Total adventure! Crackle crackle! We could slip! We could break through the ice and our feet could get wet!

Loads of things to do on the other side of the water. Especially take everyone for rides on the “Polar ‘Spress” train.

It was actually quite windy towards the end, and when a cloud did cover the sun we were pretty miserable. All except the baby. He was happy and snug as a bug. Babbling and cooing and kicking his legs.

We rounded the whole excursion off with a trip to youknowwhere for lunch, where Lil G insisted on eating some of the goulash (D and I tried to count the goulash ingredients not advised against for 9-month-olds *ahem* and came up with potatoes), and Noah had… well, cake, obviously.

Now D is baking his famous muffins (he’s off to London again tomorrow, for three or four days, and I depend on breakfast muffins when he’s gone) with help from Lil G and Noah is playing with his train tracks. I’m going to peruse some mags and drink my tea.


19 February 2010 February 19, 2010

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Lil G loves his new toy, from Oma in China.

Punum! Objectively speaking, of course.