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11 February 2010 February 11, 2010

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I can’t think of the exact wording just now, but I’m positive there’s some old adage about not washing a sick person. Anyway, I’m not a fan of bathing sick kids, it’s so cold when they get out of the tub and it’s no fun for any of the parties involved. But now, with the doctor’s all clear (he also approved of my no-washing philosophy, pointing out that it’s not like the child was mucking about in a stable all day, that the dirt on him surely won’t harm him for a week or two), Lil G was put into his little bucket, but inside the tub, I’m tired of a soaking wet floor. Noah saw this and immediately insisted I should take Lil G out, fill the whole tub and they would swim together. Why not. What followed was 30 minutes of bliss for both of them. I told Noah to be careful about getting water in Lil G’s eyes, a warning that pretty much went unheeded, but Little Brother was so happy to be actively allowed to play with Big Brother that he didn’t even peep at a bit of water in the eyes. So now they are sweet-smelling once more.


2 Responses to “11 February 2010”

  1. kristl Says:

    hey, what a clever seat for the baby. where can i get something like this??? nice blog!

  2. sarahgwynne Says:

    Hi! The seats are pretty cool, though our older son never wanted to be in it when he was little. We got ours from a baby supply store, and I’ve seen them at Leiner here in Vienna… Thanks for the feedback!

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