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Bob February 12, 2010

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Noah’s KG celebrated Fasching on Friday. In the previous weeks it was up to each child to choose a “job” that they’d like to represent on the day. A no-brainer for my oldest, “Bobdabuiller” is the only job worth having around here. That, and garbage man, cause they have the cool trucks. And the great uniforms. The KG ensures a degree of equality (some parents would spend a ton of money for the polyester deal with a million accessories and others not so much. I’m of the latter persuasion,  but clearly remember envying those children that had the full on cowboy gear, with guns! And the hat! And a sheriff’s star. Sigh.) by limiting the costumes to two accessories and a plain shirt that is decorated. So Noah painted a hammer and some nails on his.


One Response to “Bob”

  1. Katahrina Says:

    Tolle Idee! Spricht für den Kindergarten! Und Sarah!!! Zum ersten Mal sehe ich, wem Noah ähnlich sieht! Er hat dein verschmitztes Lächeln : DDD Sehr süß!

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