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Size Matters. February 17, 2010

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Lil G and I went to the gym today. I had asked my Interweb friends to send some workout music suggestions, and then compiled a pretty kick-ass list from that. I only have one goal here. No, improving my health isn’t it. Neither is becoming stronger, or preventing old-agedness. The only goal I have here, today is to be thin again. It’s a vain idea, but hell, I am vain. I understand the desire to accept my body as it is. Important fact: This is not my body. This is my body with fifteen pounds of padding. Padding that makes me uncomfortable. Now, if I were to say, my real body has a six-pack, I would be lying. My body shrieks at the thought. But that my body doesn’t normally have fat on its back? That’s a fact. WTF. And after over a year since my last serious visit to the gym, my cheeks are flushed and I am wiped out. From a workout that would have had my former self laughing. Laughing with a slight wheeze, but laughing nonetheless. Here’s me at the end of the workout, after sauna and cool-down and with a slightly mad hair issue.

D is on a pseudo detox kick. I am avoiding carbohydrates. The combined value of this is… a whole lot of vegetables¬† (edamame! edamame!) and some pretty hungry adults around here. Only a few weeks to go.


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