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Documenting Polka-Dots March 28, 2010

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I think, I think… that we heart zinc!

The medication he’s on seems to be working, four days down and things are fading. FOUR DAYS! Back in my day, eons ago, you were stuck at home for at least half a month. Kids these days… spoiled really.


Beware the Cabin Fever – Saturday March 27, 2010

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Saturday morning, bright and early.

Followed by a fashion shoot of Noah.

Watching Curious George.

Decorated some eggs. Only a week left until the Easter bunny comes.

This was the longest day in the history of everything. Please, make it stop.


26 March 2010 March 26, 2010

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It’s one of those things. When you aren’t allowed to go outside, that’s when the weather goes from yeah-pretty-nice to HOLYEFF-HELLOSPRING!

So we’re sitting inside with our noses pressed against the window, watching people in t-shirts sunning themselves on the plaza within view of our flat. Auntie Kini came by for a few hours to distract Noah, and mymymy, apparently it’s shorts season. Kini and Noah went to blow bubbles on the terrace while Lil G and I got groceries (Lil G was almost overwhelmed by all the… you know, people).

Chicken pox are really not a big deal. There was a little temperature yesterday afternoon, barely enough to warrant Finding Nemo, and then he was fine by dinnertime. However. HOW-EFFING-EVER. At about 10pm a wailing sound started and I went upstairs to find the little guy twitching and jerking around like the kid in Jurassic Park after he gets electrocuted by the fence at the end. It was that bad. Today I’m taking no prisoners and we are taking everything and anything against the itchiness. And praying that it passes soon.

I’m trying to come up with projects and even though we are scheduled for a large-ish spring cleaning this weekend I’m going to squeeze in some egg dyeing. Last year I got him doing some other Easter stuff…

March 2009

… and he dyed eggs with his Oma…

SO CUTE. Sigh.

March 2010

We’ll see what the weekend brings.


Here we go… March 25, 2010

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The sign has been hanging in the KG for a month. “Warning! Chicken Pox!” One by one the kidlets started to go missing.  It was a little quiet. Now they are returning one by one. Covered in white cream and a little pale, but returning. I had a long conversation with friend A about chicken pox and the like. Do we want the kids to get it? When? Should we TRY to get infected so as to control the situation a little? We decided on yes, sooner rather than later, and no, probably not.

Putting on PJs last night D and I noticed a little blister. Whoomp, there it is! A call to Big M, whose many friends are mostly doctors, just to double check, you know? Her “doctor” friends do what? Google it! Pfff. I can do that, in fact, I DID that! Now gimme my medical license.

Our pediatrician, a man close to my heart, cursed when I called, because Lil G had not been inoculized. Oh well, now we know that in exactly 13 days, he’ll sprout little blisters too. On the bright side Doctor H sent us out to find an all-night pharmacy to spend a whopping € 70 on some medication that will take the duration of the whole malarkey from about 2,5 weeks to a max of five DAYS. Who rocks the party? Doctor H rocks this here party.

So now we’re all at home, I’m watching new blisters come up hourly and making lists of stuff D needs to buy. Noah feels fine though, if a little bored, so I put batteries back in the remote control Lightening McQueen (30 minutes) and dug the wheelbarrow out (45 minutes!!).

Random photo of Lil G!


23 March 2010 March 23, 2010

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We went to the playground, we also went to the zoo!


20 March 2010 March 21, 2010

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A beautiful Saturday! I’m slightly comatose because Lil G has been waking up so early. Illegally early, I think, but already my pleas are falling on deaf ears. No matter. We stayed close to home in the morning, but opened all the windows to the gorgeous spring day. In the afternoon Noah and I went into the 1st district, where we found the gluten-free buckwheat flour D had not found earlier, and then went to Haas&Haas for cake and tea with D-Bro and Big M.

Due to automotive issues, my much-beloved trip to Schloss Hof for their Easter market won’t take place this year, but I was delighted to see there is a market at Freyung, so we all headed there to get some decorations. Noah has been going on and on about being a “dec’rator” and when were we getting “dec’rations”m , so he got to choose some eggs and carry them home.

Also, dude juggling. With FIRE.

Then, Sunday morning, when D and Lil G had gone to take a nap (much needed when you get up at 5 ayem), Noah and I went to get a branch and some tulips, came home and dec’rated.

Et voilá.


19 March 2010 March 19, 2010

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I’ll not talk about it too much lest I spoil everything, but hot damn, it was beautiful this afternoon. A balmy 16°C, sunny, fabulous. I finally found decent shoes for Lil G (I refuse to pay €35 for Robeez that he’ll wear for a week), so we picked up Noah and went to the park. Glory days! And Lil G’s first real playground afternoon! Mulch is so tasty!

Another boy from the KG and his mother joined us for hours of blissful boys’ playtime. This involves swords and climbing on stuff and defense against dragons and traversing dangerous terrain and all that. Totally fantastic, the other boy is 5,5 and a really lovely child, and Noah ran after him and they climbed on things together and shared and… ach, it was fantastic.

We were at this playground about two months ago, and Noah got so upset that he was too little to go through this tower, he couldn’t quite figure it out was all, and his winter boots got in the way, not to mention that climbing in snowpants sucks. But today he led me over there and proudly showed me what he had “learned in kindergarten”. He’s getting so big.

I finally had the chance to meet and talk to another mother from this KG. I found one friend at our old, nasty KG, and we left just as a sort of group was forming with some other moms. There are a total of three kids who go half-day, so we’ll try to hook up with them on a more regular basis (pretty easy since the playground is in front of the KG and we are all magically pulled there on a sunny day). One of them has a wee sister who is around Lil G’s age. Yay! Whisper with me: spring!