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3 March 2010 March 3, 2010

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I know, there aren’t as many pictures of Noah lately. That’s mostly because once Noah returns from KG I just can’t keep track of the camera. The weather has been fantastic, so we’re outside a lot in the afternoons, but in the morning I’m staying indoors (with the windows wide open), trying to straighten up after the menfolk and keep Lil G from killing himself on every corner we have in the house. Coffee table, heaters, chairs, stairs. All have sharp corners for him to whack his little head on, and man, we are bruise-tastic these days. Also, Naughty Boy, as I now call him (as in,”Naughty Boy! Get AWAY from the liquor cabinet, NOT ALLOWED!”) also realised that naptime is time we could be having fun!

Yes, I know he’s in the pram, but I still can’t get him to go to sleep in his bed without nursing. And we’re trying to not nurse. Trying to. At least I’m only on nights now. But until he figures it out, until he either goes down with a bottle or just miraculously falls asleep, I’ll use the pram.


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