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A Big Little Boy March 3, 2010

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He knows what he wants. He always has. And more than that? He knows what he does NOT want. And he has always known that too. So far there have only been few instances when D and I have made a decision against Noah’s will, because we thought it would be good for him, and it stuck. And the decision stuck. Going to bed, eating vegetables and limiting television are actually kind of it. It is a scary thing to defy His Will. I do it all the time, but it’s only with the arrival of Lil G that I don’t feel a bit of a cringe when I’m about to Forbid something, or Demand something. “Have To” is not in Noah’s vocabulary.

But wow, when he gets to do something? Something he asked to do, even something as little as asking to go to the playground on the way home from KG, a request I would be silly and mean to deny, the sun shines. SHINES I tell you.

Now D and I only have to work out a way to get N to ask for peas and corn of his own accord.


One Response to “A Big Little Boy”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Holey Moley – he’s HUGE!!! Such long legs!! So frigin cute I can’t stand it. I hope he’s still a little boy in May!!

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