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Bathtime March 14, 2010

Filed under: Adventures — sarahgwynne @ 20:36

Noah asked to take a bath by himself this afternoon, and I was fine with that, he’s been taking almost all his baths with his little brother lately (what can I say, it’s a lot easier for me). But then when it was Lil G’s turn for a bath later in the day, Noah wanted in on that too. So… fine. The two of them play so beautifully, and that’s a half-hour of what could be stressful pre-bedtime checked off. My warnings were ignored as usual, and Lil G’s head was soaking wet, but he giggles and laughs and guffaws at his big brother’s antics, so it’s all fine.

And the little one gets back at Noah in his own way, and balance is restored.

And there’s nothing left for me to do but sit there. I had been keeping an ear open from the kitchen, but now that they’re both older I’ve been staying closer. Luckily, Martha was there for me.


One Response to “Bathtime”

  1. vonienne Says:

    Martha will always be there for you.

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