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19 March 2010 March 19, 2010

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I’ll not talk about it too much lest I spoil everything, but hot damn, it was beautiful this afternoon. A balmy 16°C, sunny, fabulous. I finally found decent shoes for Lil G (I refuse to pay €35 for Robeez that he’ll wear for a week), so we picked up Noah and went to the park. Glory days! And Lil G’s first real playground afternoon! Mulch is so tasty!

Another boy from the KG and his mother joined us for hours of blissful boys’ playtime. This involves swords and climbing on stuff and defense against dragons and traversing dangerous terrain and all that. Totally fantastic, the other boy is 5,5 and a really lovely child, and Noah ran after him and they climbed on things together and shared and… ach, it was fantastic.

We were at this playground about two months ago, and Noah got so upset that he was too little to go through this tower, he couldn’t quite figure it out was all, and his winter boots got in the way, not to mention that climbing in snowpants sucks. But today he led me over there and proudly showed me what he had “learned in kindergarten”. He’s getting so big.

I finally had the chance to meet and talk to another mother from this KG. I found one friend at our old, nasty KG, and we left just as a sort of group was forming with some other moms. There are a total of three kids who go half-day, so we’ll try to hook up with them on a more regular basis (pretty easy since the playground is in front of the KG and we are all magically pulled there on a sunny day). One of them has a wee sister who is around Lil G’s age. Yay! Whisper with me: spring!


2 Responses to “19 March 2010”

  1. Zoe Lang Says:

    I’m late to this party, so I won’t whisper ‘Spring,’ but I will whisper, ‘F___ EMO.’

  2. sarahgwynne Says:

    I cannot believe I didn’t see that before. HEART!

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