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20 March 2010 March 21, 2010

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A beautiful Saturday! I’m slightly comatose because Lil G has been waking up so early. Illegally early, I think, but already my pleas are falling on deaf ears. No matter. We stayed close to home in the morning, but opened all the windows to the gorgeous spring day. In the afternoon Noah and I went into the 1st district, where we found the gluten-free buckwheat flour D had not found earlier, and then went to Haas&Haas for cake and tea with D-Bro and Big M.

Due to automotive issues, my much-beloved trip to Schloss Hof for their Easter market won’t take place this year, but I was delighted to see there is a market at Freyung, so we all headed there to get some decorations. Noah has been going on and on about being a “dec’rator” and when were we getting “dec’rations”m , so he got to choose some eggs and carry them home.

Also, dude juggling. With FIRE.

Then, Sunday morning, when D and Lil G had gone to take a nap (much needed when you get up at 5 ayem), Noah and I went to get a branch and some tulips, came home and dec’rated.

Et voilá.


2 Responses to “20 March 2010”

  1. Deborah Says:

    GAWGEOUS!!! Maybe when he grows up he’ll become a “set dec’rator like his Bubbie!!!!! (Vhere’s the star of David?)

  2. Chris Says:


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