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Here we go… March 25, 2010

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The sign has been hanging in the KG for a month. “Warning! Chicken Pox!” One by one the kidlets started to go missing.  It was a little quiet. Now they are returning one by one. Covered in white cream and a little pale, but returning. I had a long conversation with friend A about chicken pox and the like. Do we want the kids to get it? When? Should we TRY to get infected so as to control the situation a little? We decided on yes, sooner rather than later, and no, probably not.

Putting on PJs last night D and I noticed a little blister. Whoomp, there it is! A call to Big M, whose many friends are mostly doctors, just to double check, you know? Her “doctor” friends do what? Google it! Pfff. I can do that, in fact, I DID that! Now gimme my medical license.

Our pediatrician, a man close to my heart, cursed when I called, because Lil G had not been inoculized. Oh well, now we know that in exactly 13 days, he’ll sprout little blisters too. On the bright side Doctor H sent us out to find an all-night pharmacy to spend a whopping € 70 on some medication that will take the duration of the whole malarkey from about 2,5 weeks to a max of five DAYS. Who rocks the party? Doctor H rocks this here party.

So now we’re all at home, I’m watching new blisters come up hourly and making lists of stuff D needs to buy. Noah feels fine though, if a little bored, so I put batteries back in the remote control Lightening McQueen (30 minutes) and dug the wheelbarrow out (45 minutes!!).

Random photo of Lil G!


One Response to “Here we go…”

  1. OMA Brigitte de Mas Says:

    Hallo, beste Schwiegertochter,

    Deine Texte übertreffen beinahe die ohnehin umwerfenden “random photos” – einziger Nachteil: Es gibt nicht täglich neue Lieferungen von Beidem…. Aber eines Tages wird das Ganze ein Buch, spätestens wenn ich im “Unruhestand” sein werde (irgendwann dann, wann immer!).

    Keep goin’, “daily doings” cause me pure pleasure –
    love you all,
    OMA Brigitte

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