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26 March 2010 March 26, 2010

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It’s one of those things. When you aren’t allowed to go outside, that’s when the weather goes from yeah-pretty-nice to HOLYEFF-HELLOSPRING!

So we’re sitting inside with our noses pressed against the window, watching people in t-shirts sunning themselves on the plaza within view of our flat. Auntie Kini came by for a few hours to distract Noah, and mymymy, apparently it’s shorts season. Kini and Noah went to blow bubbles on the terrace while Lil G and I got groceries (Lil G was almost overwhelmed by all the… you know, people).

Chicken pox are really not a big deal. There was a little temperature yesterday afternoon, barely enough to warrant Finding Nemo, and then he was fine by dinnertime. However. HOW-EFFING-EVER. At about 10pm a wailing sound started and I went upstairs to find the little guy twitching and jerking around like the kid in Jurassic Park after he gets electrocuted by the fence at the end. It was that bad. Today I’m taking no prisoners and we are taking everything and anything against the itchiness. And praying that it passes soon.

I’m trying to come up with projects and even though we are scheduled for a large-ish spring cleaning this weekend I’m going to squeeze in some egg dyeing. Last year I got him doing some other Easter stuff…

March 2009

… and he dyed eggs with his Oma…

SO CUTE. Sigh.

March 2010

We’ll see what the weekend brings.


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