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24 April 2010 April 25, 2010

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It’s been a crazy week, not that I can think of what it is we’ve actually been doing. Lots of parks, still learning the knack of the pushbike, meeting up with friends old and new. Lil G is hard to keep up with, the days of hanging out in coffeehouses are over for now.
Friend Emma runs an art company for kids, where she introduces them to different kinds of materials and perhaps lets the children go a bit nuts with paint and glitter and feathers and all that, in a way that moms… might not. Ahem.
I used to be really good at that, especially when Noah was younger, he and his friend B would go crazy with flour at our house. They’d each get a pile of flour some trucks et voilĂ , fun. These days it’s much harder, Lil G seems to like the taste of paintbrushes, and shoves modeling clay and Play-Doh right into his mouth, so we’ve had to cut a lot of that activity, if not entirely, but still considerably.
Anyway, Emma is also working with LETA and hosted a workshop this past Saturday. Noah and I turned into a Mommy and Noah Afternoon and came home in time for supper. My handbag is filled with feathers and glitter.


Wheels… April 22, 2010

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The Buggy (capital ‘B’) was one of Noah’s absolute favourite toys, for a while it went everywhere with us, hooked on the back of the pram.

January 2008

Lil G has been showing definite signs of… boyhood. Wheels within five meters? He’s there, trying to spin them. Toy cars, real cars, other children’s prams, other children’s Bobby cars… So this morning, I brought it back into the H family… the Buggy has returned!


18 April 2010 April 18, 2010

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After a peaceful morning (please ignore the state of the flat behind you, I just can’t keep up anymore)

trying to keep Lil G from napping…

Off to the F household, for some BBQ and other tasty goodness…

although Noah wasn’t interested at first, but just chilled on the sofa and watched Monsters Inc.

Lil G made friends with the dog (!!!) and we left in time for bed.


17 April 2010 April 17, 2010

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Where was Lil G? Oh, he was there, but spent the afternoon shoving trash in his mouth. Gravel, mulch, a bottle cap (twice), cigarette butts, what may or may not have been a piece of moulding apple, and the like. And this with three adults watching him and doing their best to keep the really bad stuff out of his way.


The poor little guy…

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Noah: My mommy, my mommy, I have a stomach-ay.

Me (busy looking through my Reader): Aw, honey, a stomachache? That sucks. Go tell your dad.

Noah, clutching his tummy: My daddy, my daddy! I have a stomach-ay. It hurts.

D: Oh dear, what can we do?

Noah: I need pancakes.

Updates soon. Hardly picked up the camera this week.


TV Land April 13, 2010

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Art Appreciation April 11, 2010

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It appeared one night, when I wasn’t paying attention. The new installation in the Museumsquartier, by Van Lieshout, just slightly controversial, all the rage. Especially among the younger crowd. It’s a bar housed inside a giant digestive system, including a giant arsehole (which has no function of its own), and seating inside the bar is provided by large brown beanbags. You know. Poo. Oh, how Noah was delighted when he figured that out. “I’m sitting on poo-poo! MOMMY, COME LOOK AT THE REALLY BIG POO-POO!”

Next to it, a ticket office inside a giant sperm.

I didn’t bother with an explanation. Noah was still totally into the idea of digestion and buttocks. Shortly afterward he felt the need to explain loudly to an attentive audience that his “Mommy doesn’t have a penis.” So I laughed with the nice Italian couple standing next to us and got the hell out of there.