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Easter 2010 April 4, 2010

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I’m like a little kid with holidays, I have trouble falling asleep the night before, I wake up really early on the day, and watching Noah hunting for his Easter loot is even better than getting any of my own. I had spread everything out as much as possible, so that there would be lots of different things to find, as opposed to one or two nests with tons of stuff in…

The night before we wrote the Easter bunny a letter (seemed like a good idea), reminding him that what Noah would like best, aside from chocolate? Would be a darkredLighteningMcQueenwithoutnumbers.

Oh, and a bike. And his helmet back.

He’s never had a bike before, so we didn’t go too far, just down to the Volksgarten. Lil G slept most of the way there.

Later in the day, he shoved past us in the hallway, grabbed his footstool and went into his room, telling us to stay out. Here’s why.

Just so’s you know, his loot? It’s in the red bucket.


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