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24 April 2010 April 25, 2010

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It’s been a crazy week, not that I can think of what it is we’ve actually been doing. Lots of parks, still learning the knack of the pushbike, meeting up with friends old and new. Lil G is hard to keep up with, the days of hanging out in coffeehouses are over for now.
Friend Emma runs an art company for kids, where she introduces them to different kinds of materials and perhaps lets the children go a bit nuts with paint and glitter and feathers and all that, in a way that moms… might not. Ahem.
I used to be really good at that, especially when Noah was younger, he and his friend B would go crazy with flour at our house. They’d each get a pile of flour some trucks et voilà, fun. These days it’s much harder, Lil G seems to like the taste of paintbrushes, and shoves modeling clay and Play-Doh right into his mouth, so we’ve had to cut a lot of that activity, if not entirely, but still considerably.
Anyway, Emma is also working with LETA and hosted a workshop this past Saturday. Noah and I turned into a Mommy and Noah Afternoon and came home in time for supper. My handbag is filled with feathers and glitter.


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