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Holi-Log: May 9, 2010 June 2, 2010

Filed under: Holiday 2010 — sarahgwynne @ 13:31

So the best way to do this without backdating everything and confusing the hell out of everyone  especially those with Reader, is like this. I’ll just pick and choose days of our trip and call it my holiday-log. And I’ll date those. And there’s a new category called “Holiday 2010”.  So… not confusing or anything! *ahem*

When we returned from California D and I discussed that the most annoying thing about friends returned from holiday, now that the evenings of watching slide shows are long past (I never actually had to sit through one, but Gary Larson taught me all about them), is the “Oh, it’s SO much better where-ever-we-just-came-from.” attitude. You know what I’m talking about. Anywaysies. We’re super glad to be home. It’s fabulous here. Besides the ugly language, the nasty attitudes, the really really shitty weather (WTF. 9°C. In JUNE). Awesome. Never want to leave.

But. Here’s something that’s wonderful in Cali:

Travel Town is a collection of old locomotives donated to Griffith Park. They stand around and age, and kids can get on and into most of them. There’s no music, there are no tours, no decorations. Hell, most of them are off limits. Probably the coolest thing in all of Los Angeles.

Noah loves trains. They’re super. And getting to go into one and running back and forth with his little brother was great.

Sadly, there was a teensy gift shop that had Brio tracks set up on a wee table. So that sucked. Cause having to carry him out of there kicking and screaming, and trust me, he did both, nearly ruined the whole experience.

Travel tip# 321: Skip the goddamn gift shop.


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