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Breakfast dialogue June 4, 2010

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Scene: H-Family breakfast table, 6.45am

Noah: My mommy, I love you.

Me: Thank you sweets, I love you too!

Noah: I don’t want you to get fat.

Me: Umm. Why would you say that? Do you think I’m fat?

Noah: No, you’re not fat. But you like candy and chlocit (ed. note: chocolate), and you will be fat and your teeth will get black and fall out and you’ll be a monster.

Meanwhile Daniel has tears streaming down his face. I’m moving out.


One Response to “Breakfast dialogue”

  1. Oma Says:

    Das ist gut, super gut – und woooo ist das dazu gehörende Foto??

    I love your writing, it entertains me ever again, as certain as sunrise and sunset – and I’m sure, many others as well – but, please, don’t forget the illustrations. They really keep my spirits up.

    Lots of love, thanks for blogging again,
    Brigitte / Mama / Oma

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