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The daily doings of the H boys and their mama.

When it all falls apart… June 6, 2010

Filed under: Adventures — sarahgwynne @ 07:39

I rule this roost. I am the queen. I am the boss-lady. And when I stop? It all falls apart.

We received a fabulous wardrobe from D-Bro last week. I have wanted it forever, and we finally decided that it should go in the playroom to house the lads’ combined clothing. Until now Noah’s clothes have been in a small closet in the playroom, and Lil G’s things were upstairs in the drawers under the changing table we never used once. Anyway, without shelves I cannot put the kids’ stuff away, and if all that is already lying all over the place, why bother clearing anything away?

Keep in mind, we just returned from holiday so it’s been crazy. I thought it would be a bigger deal for the boys, but it#s like a wonderland of toys and things. Glorious!

Yesterday morning D managed to man-handle the shelves I had had made into the wardrobe (apparently a few millimeters off here and there DOES matter!), and things are nearly back to normal  And when I say “normal”, take that with a pinch of salt.


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