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What’s this called? June 15, 2010

Filed under: On-The-Fly — sarahgwynne @ 10:24

Friend AK was telling me how her little girl loved nothing more these days than playing with a toy we all had in the early 80’s. Cause that’s how old we are.

Her daughter (1) will make a bee-line for the box of these things at her older brother’s KG. I remembered what she meant, and happen to have a small box of them I had cleaned up for Noah’s use back in the day, but no go. You know who DOES love them… Lil G!

So does anyone remember what they are called?


4 Responses to “What’s this called?”

  1. vonienne Says:

    Appropriately enough, they’re called “bristle blocks” or Krinkles! They’re the best until they’re not and then it’s Lego time.

  2. Chris Says:

    Thistle Blocks

  3. manati-mum Says:

    Nuppa! Haben wir auch!°

  4. Shaun Says:

    If they are the original product, they are called Stickle Bricks!!


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