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Holi-Log: 17 May – Monterey Bay Aquarium June 17, 2010

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This was certainly one of the things I had been looking forward to the most. Noah doesn’t much care for mammals (I kid you not, even as an infant he was bored at the zoo, and to this day he just wants to go to the playground at our zoo here), but he does like fish. The HdM has always been a highlight, and I remembered the Monterey Bay Aquarium fondly (only been there twice, as a child). So on our drive south from San Francisco… pitstop!

It was an absolutely stunning day, especially since we had just left a rainy and cold SF.
(Of course, SF is usually rainy and cold, and I live in a country that has like nine months of winter, but whatevs, it was great to see the sun…)

There are touching pools. We touched stuff.

This is Diver Dan, the water version of Ranger Bob, and he talks the whole time he’s in there, feeding the fish.

Lil G emulating Noah. The entire time we were there.

at least until we got to the Tots area, where they have a trough. With water. This will be the last time you see Lil G in that particular ensemble…

…cause then I had to buy him something to keep his soaking wet little body warm.


In the wave tunnel.

If you are ever in… California, I demand that you go here. This place and Big Sur (long story, for another time) have me aching to move all of my lads back to Cali. In spite of this whole citizenship mess.


One Response to “Holi-Log: 17 May – Monterey Bay Aquarium”

  1. Ma Says:

    I knew you’d love this place……:)!

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