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25 June 2010: A Party! June 25, 2010

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My oldest friend M’s daughter turned three recently, and we were invited out to Klosterneuburg for the party. Oma came along, even more handy because she has a car (and we do not), and because she can help keep an eye on He Who Does Not Obey And Will Pull The Entire Chocolate Cake Onto The Ground. *ahem*

A party is a party, but a summer’s eve party… ahhh.

My lads were the only lads under 30, all other party-guests and their younger siblings were ladies. There were dads about too, but they mysteriously disappeared to wherever the TV was. And were punished by watching the dullest game ever. Ha HA! We had to leave far too early, tears were shed, but we will definitely start attending other people’s events more often.


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