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The daily doings of the H boys and their mama.

On-The-Fly July 30, 2010

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No one, and I mean NO ONE, can get up from a beanbag gracefully.


Early Mornings…

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Someone realized that if he gets up really early? He can play with his brother’s cars.


Fast Learner July 28, 2010

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Thank you, Sesame Street Podcast.

N: Mommy, am I spectacular?

Me: Yes, you are spectacular.

N: And Daddy? He’s spectacular too.

Me: Sure is.

N: And Gabey? He’s not spectacular. He’s miniature.

Me (laughing): Okay. So Gabey’s miniature. And you and Dad are spectacular.

N (cuddles up, puts his head in my lap): Mommy? I love you. You’re exquisite.


Recycle – Reuse July 25, 2010

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I’m always loathe to throw anything away, or give it away, or put it away, if I believe there is even the slightest chance the lads could use it at some point. These items are overflowing in the storage space we have upstairs, little pieces trailing out and into the bedroom, always underfoot, clogging the vacuum cleaner, passing through Lil G’s digestive systems (I’m looking at you Carrera racetrack braces).

It’s finally cooled down. Severely and suddenly, so I spent most of yesterday in a migraine haze, alternating between nausea and watching the little stars twinkle by. Blergh. When I was feeling well enough to come downstairs and interact, Noah and I sat at the computer and looked through catalogs, seeing which Pixars Cars he did not yet own (few, let me tell you. Sheesh!), to be put on a wish list. At one point we came across a playtent.

Noah: I wish I had a tent like that, Mommy.

Me: There’s no room, where would we put a tent?

Noah: There is space, in the playroom. Pleeeeaaaaassseeee?

Me: I’m not getting you a tent, you already ha… Oh! Hold on a sec, let me go get something your Grandpa and Grandma sent like… a year ago.



H-House: Art July 23, 2010

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So it has nothing to do with Noah or Lil G, except that one day I may bequeath them this awesome print. Emphasis on “may”. I “may” also just take this to my final resting place. Anyway, this was a Christmas prezzie from D-Bro, and I finally got my hands on it… last week! New record! Only beaten by “I totally… almost got you something cool. But then didn’t.” – our actual annual favourite! (Who will get it this year? No one knows!)

It needed perfect framing, and the place in Sopron is… in Sopron, but new place, we love you!!

So, a brand-spanking seven-month old Dan McCarthy print. New place of honour. I already forget what was there before.


He may also wear them at night. July 21, 2010

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A hat just isn’t sufficient in this sort of weather, the glare of the sun (*hiss*) comes from above and below and reflects and… ugh. Noah always refused to wear any kind of eye-protection, and trust me, we tried, especially in Israel. He felt about it… much like Lil G-of-the-white-skin-and-blond-hair feels about hats.

I picked Noah up early, we had plans to go paint together, but instead went shopping and had ice cream. And wouldn’t you know it. He picked them out himself (I swear) and refused to take them off the whole way home. We’re working on the whole idea of not wearing them indoors or when talking to people, but for now…


Meal plans. July 20, 2010

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Really? Quinoa, again?

On a side-note, this kid’s hair is looking a touch… well, angelic, obviously. But also? There’s red in there. RED.