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3 July 2010: Heat July 3, 2010

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It’s so hot. So so so hot. Remember how I feel about heat? Big M is out of town (Ten days in a villa in Tuscany? Yes, please! Very Stealing Beauty. Look, it’s Big M, with long hair! And a j. Woah.), so we’ve got her car! Oh car, how I love thee! Let me count the ways! Well, just one really, deep true, slightly anxious cause the bumper’s looking shaky and there’s this red light that keeps flashing, and she said something about repairs needed before we drive it at night… whatever! Wheels!

Humid sticky heat has kept me in low gear for the last few days, coupled with a slightly serious case of the blues, so Noah didn’t go to KG either. We’ve got the bigger pool on the terrace now (must remember to take a picture, it looks hilarious, the big old pool on the teensy terrace), so that’s Noah set.

Weekends call for something more drastic because I’m convinced that each person’s body temperature is contributing to the insane temperatures in this flat. 32°C.  And D’s, you know, a big guy. Sure he lives here and all, but his size alone means that I don’t particularly welcome his giant body full of hot blood in my flat during a heatwave. Just sayin’.

Off to the Krapfenwaldlbad. We got a terribly late start, and anyone familiar with this particular pool knows that in order to snag a decent parking spot within the same district you have to be there… not at 11h. But the heatwave demons took pity on me and not only snagged us a spot RIGHT NEXT TO THE ENTRANCE, but also… well, there weren’t that many people there! At least, not in the section reserved for mere mortals with their children. There’s another, far more hilarious poser section further up the hill (and sadly, they are the ones with the killer views over the city), but they have like two trees and loud thumping music and everyone is orange and  no one has eyebrows. Total success! We’re going back tomorrow!


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  1. […] playground, the one with the trees. The trees that provide shade. We love the shade! Because, egad, we hate heat! Just me actually, but I like to think I represent future heat-haters in my sons. Which will be one […]

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