daily. doings.

The daily doings of the H boys and their mama.

He may also wear them at night. July 21, 2010

Filed under: Adventures — sarahgwynne @ 15:57

A hat just isn’t sufficient in this sort of weather, the glare of the sun (*hiss*) comes from above and below and reflects and… ugh. Noah always refused to wear any kind of eye-protection, and trust me, we tried, especially in Israel. He felt about it… much like Lil G-of-the-white-skin-and-blond-hair feels about hats.

I picked Noah up early, we had plans to go paint together, but instead went shopping and had ice cream. And wouldn’t you know it. He picked them out himself (I swear) and refused to take them off the whole way home. We’re working on the whole idea of not wearing them indoors or when talking to people, but for now…


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