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More Time Signs August 17, 2010

Filed under: Adventures — sarahgwynne @ 20:27

We’re really busy all the time. Much is done in the home, it’s a controlled environment for Lil G, a destructive force of nature and escape artist extraordinaire.
But we’re also going to playgrounds, and with the weather so autumnal we’re making and flying kites. And yes, of course I’m planning Christmas, it is August after all.

Play-Doh, painting (loads of painting, this year he is actively making birthday prezzies for others) and… AND.  Apps. Oh god, I hate that word. It’s NOT a word! I got an iphone recently, and love it. Even though I don’t like Apple products. Never have. Except, now I do. And I am very disappointed in myself for it. And, as is the H-Family way, we have gone (within the space of three weeks!) from an Apple-less household to one that has not one, but TWO iphones and…. this.

Holy cow, I love it so, I can barely stand it. What I don’t love is Farmville, but dammit, when Noah says,” Hey mommy, look! There are lots of plots (!) with water. That’s where rice and cranberries can grow.” then the educational bit… and the pride in my kid who can maneuver his way around the damn thing like he was born with it are totally worth it. A sign of the times. Remember that when we all grew up there’d be flying cars. If this is what we have now… well surely I will teleport to visit my grandkids.


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