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A snack? August 18, 2010

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At dinner I briefly panicked. The lads and I were sitting at the table eating pasta (the wheat kind! Cause that’s what we do when D isn’t home for supper, eat WHEAT!). Noah and I each had a glass of milk. Towards the end of the meal Lil G starts freaking out, screeching his favorite sound:

See 0:23, 0:33, 1:00, 1:52, 2:01, 2:05, 2:12, 2:16, 2:24…
Also, was I the only one who kinda had a crush on the velociraptors? Yeah, I thought so.

Turns out he wants to drink the milk. The cow’s milk. And though I’m sure that sound is grating to anyone, to me, it’s like… well, I’d do just about anything to make it stop. “Fine, take it, drink the cow’s milk.” Because he’s never had any. Ever. Ummm…

So he drinks the whole thing down, and clearly wants some more. His eyes go wide with The Look.
Will you, or won’t you? I guess you just need to ask yourself one question, Mom. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?

Turns out, I did not feel lucky, and poured him some more milk. And it went right down. Woohaa. After all this I call Big M to ask whether I have just instilled a life-long problem of dairy allergies and lactose intolerance. But she doesn’t pick up, and then, through the haze, I realize… He’s 15 MONTHS OLD. Dude. I’m panicking about giving him milk at 15 months? Crazy much? So somehow time got away from me, and in my need to protect and shelter him from the Big Bad World of Food (but not wheat obviously), I forgot that he’s practically off to college next week.

Nowadays, it seems like everything is dangerous. Don’t feed them any of the following: Strawberries, dairy products of any sort (but don’t give em soy products either), spinach (really?! Spinach, Food of Life?), wheat, processed foods, salt, sugar, red food dye (mm! My favourite!), red meat (or is it any meat at all?), eggs…. So basically… what? What can we eat? Rice and bulghur (*barf*) and broccoli? I assume there’s something wrong with broccoli too.

It’s one thing if you or the child actually have allergies, but we don’t (except to strawberries, walnuts, wheat… *ahem*). Awareness, yes, but not pulling it into the ridiculous. There’s so much policing, everyone is watching everyone else (or is that the paranoia? Who’s that? Why are you watching me!).

Anyway, they feed themselves at this point, eh?

The astute foodies and health fanatics among you will note that this is bread made of rye. So it’s good for him. I think.

I’m on a roll now. Society has pushed me TOO FAR. My views on the Breastfeeding Brigade shall follow shortly.


One Response to “A snack?”

  1. D_Bro Says:

    You know what else is dangerous? Knives.

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