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September 22, 2010 September 22, 2010

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It’s a combination of things, but damn, I am pooped. It started around the previous post, and went downhill. Meantime, my voice is gone (a fabulous situation when you have practically-pubescent Noah and wild child Lil G, and I am not the quiet sort of person anyway…), Lil G’s eyes are finally recovering from a horrible horrible case of Pink Eye, and D is complaining of a scratchy feeling in his throat. Eff.

How to keep children occupied in a manner that you don’t have to talk to them. Well, I got the Brio set out again, massive tracks upstairs (“I don’t want Gabey to play wid me!” “Mommy, take Gabey… away?” “MOMMY, HE SHOULDN’T TOUCH MY STUFF” *smack* *pinch*), and since he loves to take pictures, Noah was allowed to take photos with my phone and also with his own (usedtobelongtome) new digital camera. To photograph his art. And art it is, my friends.

He made three of them, before he moved on to cars. Three!

Anyway, we’re still sick, and since we’re so contagious we get to go to playgrounds alone. Actually, there’s just one and during the week we are the only ones there. Ever. Could be the looming hospital building above it, but it’s always empty.

Major H Family travels coming up in October! Scandinavia! Asia! Salzburg! Oh my.


September 17th, 2010 September 17, 2010

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Just in time for my birthday, we all fall ill. Nothing serious, just a collective nasty cold. The haters among you may blame autumn for this, but I know better. I just do.


September Toddler Fashion

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My favourite month of the year methinks. If only because of the clothes. Our model Lil G is looking spiffy and autumnal in his fabulous duffel coat and brown cords (not pictured), an outfit perfected by the addition of this awesome cap, courtesy of manati-mum (though she made us a winter version with thicker wool, so soft, so warm). Gather ye chestnuts while ye may, my friends. S’almost Christmas.


An update… September 8, 2010

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What have we been up to? So much that I can’t be bothered to catch up. Here’s a few pictures, but we shall start afresh.

Friend A suggested we take both our sons (not Lil G obviously) to see Toy Story 3 some afternoon, but when plans just didn’t pan out, we made it a Mommy & Noah adventure. It’s showing in 3D at the English cinema, so… bonus! Twas Awesome with a capital “A”. And when the next suitable flick comes along, we’ll go see that too.

Also, we went to check out that tae kwon do class again.

My little dark child.

Here he is in his wee dobok. EGAD!

Meanwhile, Lil G just wants to go to kindergarten. I’m working on it, kiddo! And the way you scamper about trying to get your hands on the kitchen knives… well… I’M WORKING ON IT!