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October 3, 2010 October 5, 2010

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Anyone who knows me knows I love autumn. But anyone who knew me way back when would be surprised to know I love the countryside. And long walks and all that. I do. Deeply. So deeply that after my months of nagging finally paid off and D got us a car (I chant “A car! A car!” just like I chant “The tree! The tree!”), no time was wasted and an invitation to Shaun and Alex’s farm was wrangled. Not so much wrangled as kindly extended, but I like to think I had something more to do with it than going,”Shaun! We have a car! A car! A car!”, and him replying,” Well, okay then! Come out to the farm on Sunday! I’ll cook, Noah can feed the chickens!” So off we went!

It was bitterly cold, we were wearing our wellies, and we were on a farm in the autumn! Wahooo! After a lunch of roast chicken-the-size-of-a-turkey, Alex returned to… you know, his job (no weekends! Like me!), and we went on a walk that was beautiful and brisk until Lil G decided he wasn’t going to walk where we were walking, and the screaming commenced.

Whatever! Photos!

My little boy’s wish was to sit in the tractor. And he got his wish. And then he sat in four other tractors too.

We rounded the whole thing off by picking some apples, thank goodness Noah found a handy wheelbarrow that did the trick.

A lovely weekend trip to Schönau! We’ll be back!


One Response to “October 3, 2010”

  1. D_Bro Says:

    Screw the countryside: I want a picture of the car!

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