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Handedness November 8, 2010

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When Noah was little, I hoped he would be left-handed. I am left-handed, and I’m of the “Left is ZOMG SO COOL” persuasion. Sure, learning to write was a touch more difficult than for the others, perhaps (Austria having been just a little medieval in this regard, although jesus, my step-uncle is ambidextrous, because THAT’S how medieval they were even further back), I know it wouldn’t make a difference these days. I remember when I told one of our relatives of my hopes, her reaction was “But why? Why would you WANT your child to be left-handed, and as such destined for a difficult life?”

Huh? I mean, as much as I like to play the martyr card (I’m short!), I’m not sure my life has been more difficult due to handedness.

But Noah is definitely right-handed. No question.

Lil G may just be my New Hope.


3 Responses to “Handedness”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Look at that boy go!!
    Excellent work – and hardly a drop, well, dropped!

    I love how he wants to smile – but listen up, that food is just too good and he’s having it!


  2. Ma Says:

    Looks pure ambi to me! Moves that right hook just as solidly as the left. Little tyke!

  3. vonienne Says:

    I think you should alternate strapping one arm to his side for a week at a time. Just to see what happens. Maybe you can get an article on the experiment into “Nature”!

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