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Fly, Lil G, fly! November 15, 2010

Filed under: Adventures — sarahgwynne @ 09:09

We headed out to the countryside this weekend, to enjoy a spell of warm weather. Also, we figure if we go on the occasional Lil G -led expedition, maybe he’ll be more amenable to sitting in the buggy, maybe he’ll see that we’re supporting him in his independence, maybe… well. What happened was that we let him out, he looked back once to see if we were watching, laughed, and took off. He went on like this for the duration of the trip.

Not so much “Hey,  I’m independent, come on you guys, let’s explore!”. A bit more of “Ha HAA! F”ck off, I’m freeeee!”


4 Responses to “Fly, Lil G, fly!”

  1. Ma Says:

    I’m exhausted just watching the video.

  2. Oma Says:

    Oh my god, that’s why all the leaves had to fall from the trees – as natural upholstery to Lil G’s adventurous outings! I enjoyed this video clip so much, I almost felt like being there: maybe disguised as one big maple leaf…

    Thanks for the recent postings, they keep my spirits high.

  3. Oma Says:

    P.S.: Waiting for the adventures of my beloved grandchildren in the snow!

  4. Brigitte de Mas - Oma Says:

    So much pleasure in such a short film – the actor as well as the viewer get the best of it all….

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