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Copenhagen! November 25, 2010

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Sooo, we went to Copenhagen in early November. I either truly forgot to post pictures, or (and I suspect it IS the latter) I am still recovering from the trauma and not have not yet been ready to reminisce and post about it. But weeks have passed! I’m ready!

A word on traveling with an 18-month old: Don’t. Just don’t. If you must, fly when he’s due to sleep, prepare yourself to walk up and down the aisles, and if there are two adults, have one adult board first and prepare stuff. Do NOT take the child on board until the veeeeeeery last second. No matter what the cabin crew prefers. Trust me, it’s better for everyone if the child spends the least amount of time possible in the teensy space allotted to him. But really, if you can avoid the trip altogether, do.

Anyway! Piccies!

Canals! Boats! Noah was fantastic, interested and interesting, and thought that building forts of pillows at the hotel was just as fascinating as the canals. Perhaps a little more fascinating.

There are only few pictures of Lil G, because when he was awake, we didn’t photograph. We ran after him, bribed him, or gave up and returned to the hotel.

Ah, there he is. He’s 18 months old. And refuses to sit still.

On the upside, Lil G will never be 18 months old again! And Copenhagen will be there for a return visit… perhaps without kids.


One Response to “Copenhagen!”

  1. Brigitte de Mas - Oma Says:

    Oh it’s sooo nice to be able to visually participate in your trip to Copenhagen, and I can imagine that Lil G kept you up and running…

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