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It’s cold inside December 10, 2010

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I have a vivid childhood memory of being really cold. Inside the flat. To our requests that the heating be turned up, our stepfather would always reply, “Put on a sweater.” To which we invariably responded by putting on not only a sweater, but also snow pants, several scarves, at least one woolly hat, gloves and ski goggles (the same came in handy whenever asked to chop onions as well, so versatile!). Anyway, this is Noah telling me he’d like me to up the thermostat.


One Response to “It’s cold inside”

  1. Snipleton Says:

    V Cute! Though why you used a photo of Vinny from Entourage when he was young, I have no idea! (I am betting 1 MILLION dollars he looks even more like him as he gets older…no…one BILLION dollars)

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