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Let the sun shine! February 7, 2011

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The last few days have been uncommonly bright and warm, the weather here can be such a tease! I can imagine so many people getting out their thin coats and preparing for spring, but you just know that it’ll all go sour by the end of this week, so when we were offered lunch out at The Farm this weekend, we dropped all other plans and headed out.

I’ve found this past winter a new sort of challenge. I want the boys to get regular exercise, and by regular, I mean, I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to ask myself at the end of the day if they ran enough. I know Noah gets plenty of movement, his KG goes outside during every type of weather, this past winter there were six days they chose to remain indoors because the snow or rainstorms or whatever were too severe. But otherwise I invariably pick up Noah filthy. He’s filthy, his mittens and snow pants and anorak and boots, they are all either soaking wet or covered in mud. And I love it.

But Lil G… well, Lil G’s not so lucky yet. When the weather is halfway decent (leagues better than what the KG considers decent) we all go to the park or playground after I pick Noah up. But really, Lil G didn’t get out much these past two months. We have plenty of fun indoors, and the TV mostly stays off. Still, I’m glad of the weekends when D is home, and we can have adventures, any kind. It takes one adult’s full attention to take care of Lil G outside, and Noah deserves attention too. One more reason we were so happy to head out to the country. I knew we’d all get aired out, and boy, we needed it. And in the company of people we enjoy it’s all the more fun!

You can’t really see it here, but Lil G took a tumble and face-planted in one of these giant puddles here. And was soaked. It didn’t slow him down one bit.


4th Feb, 2011 February 4, 2011

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I’ve got more to write than I can bear thinking about, so I do what I do best – ignore. Postpone. Procrastinate.

We’re fine. Really. Having a blast. Just not near a computer.

Visiting friends, going on adventures, getting more teeth (I think Lil G may in fact be of shark origin), pondering the future, growing older every day.