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14 August 2011 August 14, 2011

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Since we got back from New England, I’ve felt an even bigger need for nature and quiet. The sound of cars and sirens at night still keep me awake, and walking Lil G to kindergarten on sidewalks rather than through fields (not sure where fields came into this, but I’m going with it) irritates. In light of this… discontent, and in the spirit of compromise (I am the only one who feels this way), I am hunting for spots of nature in a 20 min. drive radius. Among these is the WIG park in Oberlaa, as seen on manati-mum’s site (woah, 2008!) a while back. Several times actually. And since most recommendations from MM have proven incredibly succesful, off we went on Saturday.

If I hadn’t misread directions and the SatNav weren’t anti-social it would have taken less than 20 minutes to get there, so that will definitely work as a regular destination.

Evaluation: Excellent. We’ll be checking it out as the seasons turn, and I’m particularly keen to leave one of the side gates and walk through the fields. (Ha! FIELDS! I knew there was a reason we still live in Vienna.)


13 August 2011 August 13, 2011

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So when the weather forecast has been telling everyone for days that it will rainrainrain and be coldcoldcold, and you go swimming anyway? You’ve got the place to yourself. Success!


This guy… August 12, 2011

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goes to kindergarden now.

UNREAL. There’s been little separation anxiety, lots of confusion, but we are taking it slowly and steadily, a little longer every day, hopefully up to the full schedule in another week or so.

Doing really well so far, and having Noah there already is a lifesaver. Noah translates (*sob!*) and is integrating his little brother into his group of friends.


So much so that I’m rather glad that the groups are split up sometimes, so Noah can just be himself, not just a Big Brother. He’s readjusted incredibly well, even his teachers have remarked at how calm and balanced he seems right now.