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14 August 2011 August 14, 2011

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Since we got back from New England, I’ve felt an even bigger need for nature and quiet. The sound of cars and sirens at night still keep me awake, and walking Lil G to kindergarten on sidewalks rather than through fields (not sure where fields came into this, but I’m going with it) irritates. In light of this… discontent, and in the spirit of compromise (I am the only one who feels this way), I am hunting for spots of nature in a 20 min. drive radius. Among these is the WIG park in Oberlaa, as seen on manati-mum’s site (woah, 2008!) a while back. Several times actually. And since most recommendations from MM have proven incredibly succesful, off we went on Saturday.

If I hadn’t misread directions and the SatNav weren’t anti-social it would have taken less than 20 minutes to get there, so that will definitely work as a regular destination.

Evaluation: Excellent. We’ll be checking it out as the seasons turn, and I’m particularly keen to leave one of the side gates and walk through the fields. (Ha! FIELDS! I knew there was a reason we still live in Vienna.)


This guy… August 12, 2011

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goes to kindergarden now.

UNREAL. There’s been little separation anxiety, lots of confusion, but we are taking it slowly and steadily, a little longer every day, hopefully up to the full schedule in another week or so.

Doing really well so far, and having Noah there already is a lifesaver. Noah translates (*sob!*) and is integrating his little brother into his group of friends.


So much so that I’m rather glad that the groups are split up sometimes, so Noah can just be himself, not just a Big Brother. He’s readjusted incredibly well, even his teachers have remarked at how calm and balanced he seems right now.



Lil G turns 2. May 20, 2011

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There has been an inexplicable lack of posts of late. Months! But I return with vigor!

Lil G is 2 today.

This just blows my mind. He’s gone from infant, to walking infant, the toddler, to… well, what he is now. A young boy intent on killing himself. Many new hobbies that I don’t approve of, including escaping the playground to head for strangers, mostly men, to hold their hands and babble stories of trains and cars, until I come to carry him back to where he is supposed to be, his wee heart breaking at the sound scolding he gets every time, only to turn around and do it again. You know, TWO YEARS OLD. Blergh.

I repainted the walls a few months ago, just white on white, but he’s taken to decorating them. With his crayons. And is frustrated with us for not providing more wall space. So he moves to the floor. Cabinets. The nice chairs.
He thinks that hunting our poor cats is the best thing ever. They disagree and have taken to hanging out… wherever he is not.

He is the most delightful child I’ve ever known, with a disposition so sunny we sometimes suspect he can’t possibly be mine. He laughs and grins, gets over the bad stuff quickly so he can move on to the good stuff. He plays really well by himself (I have changed my views a bit since N was this age, and it’s worked out really well) and with others, and is aching to start kindergarten (in the autumn, OMG, I am breathless with anticipation, is it autumn yet? What about now? And now?). He loathes his buggy, preferring to walk everywhere. So he can run his hands over walls, crouch down to touch grates and cars and chase pigeons. And talk to people. Talk to anyone who crosses his path.

He’s very bright, grasps what you’re talking about quickly, and is clear in his disobedience. He has in no way misunderstood, he’s just… not feeling it. And off he goes.

It just goes so fast, and my baby is getting so big!

Picture taken by Noah, who knows how to use Instagram. Which is a whole other ball of wax that blows my mind.


Let the sun shine! February 7, 2011

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The last few days have been uncommonly bright and warm, the weather here can be such a tease! I can imagine so many people getting out their thin coats and preparing for spring, but you just know that it’ll all go sour by the end of this week, so when we were offered lunch out at The Farm this weekend, we dropped all other plans and headed out.

I’ve found this past winter a new sort of challenge. I want the boys to get regular exercise, and by regular, I mean, I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to ask myself at the end of the day if they ran enough. I know Noah gets plenty of movement, his KG goes outside during every type of weather, this past winter there were six days they chose to remain indoors because the snow or rainstorms or whatever were too severe. But otherwise I invariably pick up Noah filthy. He’s filthy, his mittens and snow pants and anorak and boots, they are all either soaking wet or covered in mud. And I love it.

But Lil G… well, Lil G’s not so lucky yet. When the weather is halfway decent (leagues better than what the KG considers decent) we all go to the park or playground after I pick Noah up. But really, Lil G didn’t get out much these past two months. We have plenty of fun indoors, and the TV mostly stays off. Still, I’m glad of the weekends when D is home, and we can have adventures, any kind. It takes one adult’s full attention to take care of Lil G outside, and Noah deserves attention too. One more reason we were so happy to head out to the country. I knew we’d all get aired out, and boy, we needed it. And in the company of people we enjoy it’s all the more fun!

You can’t really see it here, but Lil G took a tumble and face-planted in one of these giant puddles here. And was soaked. It didn’t slow him down one bit.


Not just another day. December 16, 2010

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Thursday was Noah’s birthday. Four years old. Going on 40.

What a fabulous child.


On-The-Fly December 10, 2010

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One week at home. One looooong week at home. Coughing, fevers, more coughing, higher fevers. I’m fine. But I’m the only one. The doctor actually made a house call last night, and immediately prescribed antibiotics. Not least because the fever has been going on for so long that the child has lost too much weight. His eyes are huge.

Bonus to being stuck at home for so long? He’ll let me pretty much do anything, as long as it breaks up the monotony.

Attempt 1

Please. YOU try getting a 4-year old to pose in one go.

Attempt 2

Note the huge eyes. Ignore the pallor.

Like I said, he’s four years old. (Actually, not for another week, but… whatever)

Final Attempt.

Fine. I give up. But he likes it!


Copenhagen! November 25, 2010

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Sooo, we went to Copenhagen in early November. I either truly forgot to post pictures, or (and I suspect it IS the latter) I am still recovering from the trauma and not have not yet been ready to reminisce and post about it. But weeks have passed! I’m ready!

A word on traveling with an 18-month old: Don’t. Just don’t. If you must, fly when he’s due to sleep, prepare yourself to walk up and down the aisles, and if there are two adults, have one adult board first and prepare stuff. Do NOT take the child on board until the veeeeeeery last second. No matter what the cabin crew prefers. Trust me, it’s better for everyone if the child spends the least amount of time possible in the teensy space allotted to him. But really, if you can avoid the trip altogether, do.

Anyway! Piccies!

Canals! Boats! Noah was fantastic, interested and interesting, and thought that building forts of pillows at the hotel was just as fascinating as the canals. Perhaps a little more fascinating.

There are only few pictures of Lil G, because when he was awake, we didn’t photograph. We ran after him, bribed him, or gave up and returned to the hotel.

Ah, there he is. He’s 18 months old. And refuses to sit still.

On the upside, Lil G will never be 18 months old again! And Copenhagen will be there for a return visit… perhaps without kids.