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This guy… August 12, 2011

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goes to kindergarden now.

UNREAL. There’s been little separation anxiety, lots of confusion, but we are taking it slowly and steadily, a little longer every day, hopefully up to the full schedule in another week or so.

Doing really well so far, and having Noah there already is a lifesaver. Noah translates (*sob!*) and is integrating his little brother into his group of friends.


So much so that I’m rather glad that the groups are split up sometimes, so Noah can just be himself, not just a Big Brother. He’s readjusted incredibly well, even his teachers have remarked at how calm and balanced he seems right now.



Bob February 12, 2010

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Noah’s KG celebrated Fasching on Friday. In the previous weeks it was up to each child to choose a “job” that they’d like to represent on the day. A no-brainer for my oldest, “Bobdabuiller” is the only job worth having around here. That, and garbage man, cause they have the cool trucks. And the great uniforms. The KG ensures a degree of equality (some parents would spend a ton of money for the polyester deal with a million accessories and others not so much. I’m of the latter persuasion,  but clearly remember envying those children that had the full on cowboy gear, with guns! And the hat! And a sheriff’s star. Sigh.) by limiting the costumes to two accessories and a plain shirt that is decorated. So Noah painted a hammer and some nails on his.


Snowy Days February 10, 2010

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Noah on his way to his new KG. We’re still working on a good camera-face. He gets that from me. Anyway, SNOW! We love it!



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Suffice it to say we’re super stressed around here. D’s in London again, Lil G is on antibiotics (but inhaling only once a day from now on, woot woot!) and may still have to go to hospital, but we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed. There’s a backlog of posts to post, but you know? It’s really hard to do any of that stuff right now. I’m not even taking as many pictures this week as I usually do. Our hard-drive is teetering on the brink of unconsciousness with relief. Hm.
So the new KG is fantastic. Noah loves it. We have not had a single argument about getting ready to leave, or leaving, or getting there, or being there. I’m still picking him up very early, Wednesday will be the first day he stays for lunch, but this is such a vast improvement over the situation as it was that I get a little teary-eyed at what a terrible mother I am for not recognizing the problem earlier. That the little guy had to suffer at that place for a YEAR, during which he was only ever happy on weekends. That I assumed the problem lay with Noah will probably make me feel guilty forever. Anyway, we’re well shot of the place.
He’s in a good mood. Like, almost all the time!


1 February 2010 February 1, 2010

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Aaaand, he’s back in the room! Noah started at his new Kindergarten today. We’re taking it exceedingly slowly, so he was only there for about an hour today, with me. It went okay, not great, but he’s traumatized by the previous experience. His teacher is very nice, very patient, and though the older kids are a whole new world (in the old place, N was among the older children in the “young group”), they are the ones who come right out and ask him if he wants to play. Wish us luck.


Laternenfest 2009 November 11, 2009

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It’s Martini today, but due to the rain our celebrations were moved indoors. Find N!